The Candle Experience....
                              and it's Transformation!

                 Follow along on the progress of my new store.
In the beginning....
                Here it is... the before shot.  Lots of work ahead!
Visualize a warm cozy atmosphere, hard wood floors, white cabentry, burst of color from all the gorgeous candles... and yes, there will be maroon (go dawgs!).  That will be the retail store part... that back will be bright, colorful and festive.
When a theme Experience is held in the room it will be decorated according to the theme.
Construction update:  As of 5-25-04   
Front part of The Candle Experience - Retail Section
Pics of progress from June 16, 2004... lot's to do!!
Back Party chaos!!!  :)
Custom cabinets being installed in store area
June 22, 2004... candles are finally going on the shelves!!
The store is opened for business!!!
Party Room!