Thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Julie Poll and I live in Holly, Michigan.  I began as a consultant with Affordable Luxuries in August of 2003.   I talked with the owners of Affordable Luxuries about an idea I had about a new concept in home party plans. 

I had quite a few customers express interest in hosting a party but just didn't have the room or could not work it out with their family schedule to host one in their homes.  I would often then have them in my home.  I wanted to come up with a place to hold parties and give the opportunity for the women to bring their products home with them, instead of waiting for their items to get delivered to them.  This is where my "The Candle Experience" retail store began.

The Candle Experience store front was opened June 28, 2004.  The store carried candles from many manufactureres, candles accessories, giftwrap supplies, tasty treats and custom line of cards.  The retail store is located in the front of the premises and the Candle Experience Party Room is located in the back half of the store.  The store has a relaxed welcome feel and the Party Room is bright and festive.

May 2012 I closed the retail store in Grandville and moved to Hollly, Michigan.  I now offer our lines on my website "The Bizzy Bee Gift Basket".  I carry many of the lines that I had in the store and have added a few more. 

I do on-line and in-home shopping.  Customers can book a party and have their friends and family shop right in their home.  I also do custom Gift Baskets for all occasions.

I also am a consultant for NuSKin, Mary Kay and Miche Bags.  These items may be ordered from my site also.